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Exam Code: 1Y0-301Exam Name: Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 SolutionsCertification Provider: CitrixCorresponding Certification: CCP-VKeywords: 1Y0-301 Exam Dumps,1Y0-301 Practice Tests,1Y0-301 Practice Exams,1Y0-301 Exam Questions,1Y0-301 PDF,1Y0-301 VCE, 1Y0-301 Book,1Y0-301 E-Book,1Y0-301 Study Guide,1Y0-301 Braindump,1Y0-301 Prep Guide, 1Y0-301 Free Download QUESTION 91Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to create a device collection for new target devices in the Provisioning Services Console, as part of a pooled-random deployment. However, the XenDesktop Administrator is NOT ready for the machine catalog to be added to the XenDesktop site yet.Which wizard should the engineer use to create the device collection and allow the machine catalog to be added later? A.    Auto-Add WizardB.    XenDesktop Setup WizardC.    Streamed VM Setup WizardD.    Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard Answer: C QUESTION 92Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy Citrix Receiver using a custom Client Name value. The engineer uses the install command CitrixReceiver /CLIENT_NAME=Terminal. A user later renames the computer and the custom client name is lost.Which additional install parameter could the engineer have used to prevent the custom client name from being lost? A.    SELFSERVICEMODE=FALSEB.    ALLOW_CLIENTHOSTEDAPPSURLC.    CLIENT_NAME=%COMPUTERNAME%D.    ENABLE_DYNAMIC_CLIENT_NAME=NO Answer: D QUESTION 93In which two ways could a Citrix Engineer bind a certificate to a StoreFront server? (Choose two.) A.    Use the CertUtil.exe tool.B.    Use the IIS Management Console.C.    Run the 'netsh http add sslcert' command.D.    Use Cert Manager in Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Answer: BC QUESTION 94Which two pieces of information are required when using Citrix Studio to connect a Delivery Controller to a hosting infrastructure? (Choose two.) A.    Hypervisor addressB.    Hypervisor credentialsC.    Hypervisor management VLAND.    Hypervisor high-availability server address Answer: CD QUESTION 95When deploying Provisioning Services without PXE services, which two DHCP scope options must a Citrix Engineer configure? (Choose two.) A.    67: Bootfile NameB.    44: Name ServersC.    61: Client IdentifierD.    13: Host Name StringE.    66: Boot Server Host Name Answer: CD QUESTION 96Scenario: A Business Unit Manager requests Remote PC Access for a team of offshore developers. The Business Manager's request indicates the need for a silent deployment with Citrix Receiver embedded and shadowing enabled. Desktop OS machines should NOT be restarted during the installation as a restart will be scheduled when convenient. The Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) must register initially with the Delivery Controller on the server named 'Contr01' in the domain 'mydomain,' and audio packets will flow over UDP. HDX ports should be opened if the Windows Firewall service is detected.Which command must a Citrix Engineer execute to install the VDA to meet the requirements stated in the scenario? A.    XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet/components vda,plugins /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /noreboot /enable_remote_assistanceB.    XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet/components vda /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /norebootC.    XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet/components vda /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /noreboot /enable_remote_managementD.    XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet/components vda,plugins /controllers "Contr01.mydomain.local" /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /noreboot /enable_remote_assistance Answer: D QUESTION 97Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is provisioning several new desktops using Machine Creation Services. After provisioning, the new desktops are created but remain in an unregistered state.What is a likely reason why the desktops remain in an unregistered state? A.    IPv6 is enabled on the new desktops.B.    The hypervisor's shared storage is unavailable.C.    The SSL certificate on the Delivery Controller is invalid.D.    The Windows Firewall is enabled on the desktop with no exceptions. Answer: B QUESTION 98A Citrix Engineer needs to configure a XenDesktop site; however, the engineer does NOT have permissions to access the SQL Server or the SQL database.What should the engineer do to configure the new XenDesktop site? A.    Use an Access database instead of a SQL database.B.    Use the local administrator account for the Delivery Controller.C.    Ask a database administrator to enable mixed-mode authentication on the SQL database server and relaunch the site configuration wizard.D.    Generate a SQL database script during the creation of the site and ask a database administrator to run the script directly on the database designated for the new site. Answer: B QUESTION 99Scenario: A corporate security policy prohibits the creation of domain accounts unless absolutely necessary. During the deployment of XenDesktop, a Citrix Engineer created a new SQL site database.Which account type should the engineer use to grant permission on the SQL site configuration database for production use? A.    SQL accountB.    Domain service accountC.    Local account on Delivery ControllersD.    Delivery Controller computer accounts Answer: D QUESTION 100Which mode should a database be configured for when using a SQL mirrored solution with Provisioning Services? A.    High-performance mode (Synchronous)B.    High-performance mode (Asynchronous)C.    High-safety mode with a witness (Synchronous)D.    High-safety mode with a witness (Asynchronous) Answer: C 100% Full Money Back Guarantee Promised By Braindump2go to All 1Y0-301 Exam Candiates: Braindump2go is confident that our NEW UPDATED 1Y0-301 Exam Questions and Answers are changed with Citrix Official Exam Center, If you cannot PASS 1Y0-301 Exam, nevermind, we will return your full money back! 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