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Exam Code: 70-573Exam Name: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application DevelopmentCertification Provider: MicrosoftCorresponding Certifications: MCPD, MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010, MCTS, MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development70-573 Dumps,70-573 Latest Dumps,70-573 Dumps PDF,70-573 Study Guide,70-573 Book,70-573 Certification,70-573 Study Material,70-573 Exam Questions,70-573 Training kit,70-573 eBook,70-573 Exam Prep,70-573 Braindump,70-573 Practice Exam,70-573 Practice Test,70-573 Practice Questions,70-573 Preparation Material,70-573 Preparation Guide QUESTION 31You have a SharePoint solution that contains a custom site column and a custom content type.You need to add the custom site column as a lookup field for the custom content type.What should you create? A.    a Feature activation dependencyB.    a new moduleC.    a new Feature event receiverD.    a new SharePoint mapped folder Answer: CExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Feature event receiver"Walkthrough: Add Feature Event Receivers QUESTION 32You create two custom lists named Offices and Rooms.Rooms has the following columns:Offices has the following columns:You need to perform a Representational State Transfer (REST) query that returns a list of all the offices that have rooms with a capacity of 10. The query results must include the room titles and the equipment in each room.Which URL should you choose? A.    /_vti_bin/ListData.svc/Offices $expand=Rooms&$filter=Rooms/Capacity eq 10B.    /_vti_bin/ListData.svc/Offices &$filter=Rooms/Capacity eq 10C.    /_vti_bin/ListData.svc/Rooms $expand=Offices&$filter=Rooms/Capacity eq 10D.    /_vti_bin/ListData.svc/Rooms &$filter=Offices/Capacity eq 10 Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Offices-Rooms-Rooms/Capacity" You can use the Expand method to navigate from one entity to a related entity. You can append query strings to the URLs in order to specify filter criteria or query logic.Using the REST Interface QUESTION 33You need to delete the previous versions of all documents in a document library. The deleted versions of the documents must be retained in the SharePoint Recycle Bin.What should you do? A.    For the document library, call the Delete method.B.    For the document library, call the Recycle method.C.    For each document, call the DeleteAll method of the Versions property.D.    For each document, call the RecycleAll method of the Versions property. Answer: DExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "all previous versions to Recycle Bin = RecycleAll of the Versions"Recycles the version collection except for the current version.SPListItemVersionCollection.RecycleAll Method QUESTION 34You need to create a Web Part that displays all content created by a specific user. You write the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)01 privace void keywordQueryExecute (string searchAuthor )02 {03 KeywordQuery kRequest = new KeywordQuery ( ServerContexc.Current ) ; 04 05 kPequest.QueryText = strQuery ;06 ResultTableCollection resultTbls = kRequest.Execute () ;07 }Which code segment should you add at line 04? A.    string strQuery - "SELECT Title, Rank, Write, Url FROM SCOPE() WHERE docID - " + searchAuthor ;B.    string strQuery = "author:" + searchAuthor;C.    string strQuery = "SELECT Title, Rank, Write, Url FROM SCOPE () WHERE author - " + searchAuthor ;D.    string strQuery * " doc ID:" + searchAuthor ; Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "KeywordQuery =no SQL!"Property Restriction Keyword Queries QUESTION 35You need to create a Web Part that adds a term set to the current SharePoint site collection's term store. You write the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)01 TaxonomySession session = new TaxonomySession ( SPContext.Current..Site ) ;02 TermSet addedTerm = session.TermStores [O] .Groups[" MyNewTermStore "] . CreateTermSet ( txtBoxTermSetToAdd.Text ) ; 03 Which code segment should you add at line 03? A.    addedTerm.TermStore.CommitAll ();B.    addedTerm.Export ();C.    SPContext.Current.Web.AllouUnsafeUpdates = true;D.    SPContext.Current.Site.WebAppllcation.Update (); Answer: A QUESTION 36You need to create a custom content type and specify the content type ID.What should you do? A.    Call the Lists Web service.B.    Create a custom Feature.C.    Call the Webs Web service.D.    Create a new module. Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "custom Feature for custom content type" Create Custom Content Types in SharePoint 2010 QUESTION 37You plan to create a custom Web Part that displays items from a custom SharePoint list named Project.You need to ensure that you can access the list by using strongly-typed objects in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.What should you do first? A.    Run ecmangen.exe.B.    Run spmetal.exe.C.    Edit the web.config file,D.    Edit the Manifest.xml file. Answer: B QUESTION 38You have a SharePoint site collection that contains 100 sites. Each site contains 100 lists.You need to retrieve all item titles from all lists. The data must be retrieved in the minimum amount of time.Which access method should you use? A.    SPList.ItemsB.    SPListltemCollection.GetDataTableC.    SPSiteDataQueryD.    ListData.svc Answer: CExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "100 sites = SPSite"The data must be retrieved in the minimum amount of time; therefore, SPSiteDataQuery SPSiteDataQuery Class QUESTION 39You have a SharePoint site collection that has the URL http://contoso/sites/finance.You are creating a Microsoft .NET Framework console application that will use the SharePoint client object model to create a site in the site collection.The application contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)01 ClientContext cCtx = new ClientContext("http://contoso/sites/finance");02 Web root = cCtx.Site.RootWeb;03 cCtx.Load(root);04 WebCreationInformation webInfo = new WebCreationInformation();05 webInfo.Title = "site1";06 webInfo.Url = "site1";07 webInfo.WebTemplate = "MPS#2";08 root.Webs.Add(webInfo);09 10 cCtx.Dispose();You need to ensure that the application creates the site.Which code segment should you add at line 09? A.    cCtx.Site.RootWeb.Update ();B.    cCtx.ExecuteQuery ();C.    root.Context.Dispose ();D.    coot.Update (); Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Execute your Query"Executes the current set of data retrieval queries and method invocations.How to: Work with Web Sites QUESTION 40You create a Web Part that queries a list.The Web Part contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)01 protected override void Render( HtmlTextWriter writer)02 {03 SPUserToken spInToken = GetTheContext ( SPContext.Current.Site ) ;04 using (SPSite aSite = nera SPSite ( curSiteCtx.ID , spInToken ) )05 {06 07 }08 }09 private SPUserToken GetTheContext ( SPSite nUeb )10 <11 nWeb.CatchAccessDeniedException = false;12 SPUserToken spToken = null;13 try14 {15 spToken = nWeb.SystemAccount.UserToken ;16 }17 catch ( UnauthorizedAccessException )18 { 1920 }21 return spToken;22 }You need to ensure that users without permissions to the list can view the contents of the list from the Web Part.Which code segment should you add at line 19? A.    SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(delegate() {using (SPSite eSite = new SPSite(nWeb.ID)){spToken = nWeb.SystemAccount.UserToken;}}B.    SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(delegate() {Practice Testusing (SPSite eSite = new SPSite(nWeb.ID)){spToken = SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.UserToken; }}C.    spToken = nWeb.RootWeb.AllUsers[SPContext.Current.Web.Name].UserToken;D.    spToken = nWeb.RootWeb.AllUsers[WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name].UserToken; Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "UnauthorizedAccessException = RunWithElevatedPrivileges = SystemAccount"Answer A is the only one that will give us a SystemAccount token from within RunWithElevatedPrivilegesstatement.That's what we are trying to get in case UnauthorizedAccessException occurs. Want Pass 70-573 Exam At the first try? Come to Braindump2go! Download the Latest Microsoft 70-573 Real Exam Questions and Answers PDF & VCE from Braindump2go,100% Pass Guaranteed Or Full Money Back! 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