This page was exported from Free Download Braindump2go Latest Microsoft Exam Questions & Microsoft Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Sat Dec 7 22:29:46 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-NEW-Exams]Free Citrix 189Q 1Y0-202 Exam Dumps PDF and VCE Braindump2go Offers[11-20] --------------------------------------------------- 2017/Aug New 1Y0-202 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 1Y0-202 questions:1.|2017 New 1Y0-202 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 148Q&As Download:   2.|2017 New 1Y0-202 Exam Questions & Answers Download: QUESTION 11Scenario: A Citrix Administrator at a medical facility needs to set up kiosks for non-corporate users to launch an application that utilizes internal authentication. The administrator needs to configure the site to allow this.How should the administrator configure the store to accomplish this requirement? A.    Configure a new store as internal only with remote access.B.    Add a VPN in Remote Access for to allow access.C.    Configure the existing store as internal only with Remote Access set to None.D.    Create an anonymous store using the Delivery Controllers belonging to OrgA. Answer: D QUESTION 12What will continue to function while a XenDesktop site database is offline? A.    Citrix StudioB.    Citrix DirectorC.    Anonymous ConnectionsD.    Existing user connections to Desktop OS machines Answer: D QUESTION 13Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a XenDesktop environment with 2000 Desktop OS machines. The storage administrator has informed the Citrix Administrator that the name of the storage resources will be changing to meet the requirements of a naming scheme required by management.Which component of the XenDesktop environment will be impacted by the storage resource name change? A.    Citrix DirectorB.    Virtual Delivery AgentC.    Provisioning ServicesD.    Machine Creation Services Answer: D QUESTION 14Scenario: A new Electronic Medical Records application has been deployed on XenDesktop. The application stores a user specific file in C:Program FilesEMR%username%. This file needs to be included in the user profile to provide a consistent user experience. Citrix Profile Manager is enabled.What could a Citrix Administrator do to add the file to the user profile? A.    Configure a Citrix policy with Active Writeback.B.    Apply a policy in Citrix Studio with file inclusion.C.    Add the EMR folder to the mandatory profile location.D.    Use Microsoft Folder Redirection to include the EMR folder. Answer: B QUESTION 15Scenario: A Citrix Administrator discovers that some user profiles have grown to over 500 MB in size. The administrator wants to reduce the size of user profiles.Which method could the administrator use to reduce the size of future user profiles without incurring data loss? A.    Enable file exclusions in a Citrix policy.B.    Disable folder redirection Application Data.C.    Enable profile streaming for the user profile.D.    Disable 'delete locally cached profiles on logoff'. Answer: A QUESTION 16Scenario: A Citrix Administrator who works for a hospital receives a request to set the display quality settings to the maximum possible quality for reviewing MRI scans. The hospital is using HDX 3D Pro within a XenDesktop 7.6 deployment.What should the administrator do to enhance the display quality as required in the scenario? A.    Enable the Lossless policyB.    Enable the HDX3DPro Quality Settings policyC.    Apply the CLI command xe vgpu-create vm-uuid=<uuid>D.    Create a new catalog for the HDX 3D Pro Desktop OS machines Answer: A QUESTION 17Scenario: An organization has headquarters based in London and has branch offices in New York and Beijing. Citrix XenDesktop was recently implemented in the environment. All Desktop OS machines are located within the London Datacenter while print servers are located in each branch office. Users have been complaining that printing from the branch offices is slow. All branches are connected through a Wide Area Network (WAN). QoS has been implemented for all ICA/HDX traffic.How could a Citrix Administrator optimize the printing performance for branch office users without asking for additional investments from management? A.    Disable client auto-created printers.B.    Disable direct connections to the print server.C.    Increase the WAN link speed to the branch offices.D.    Adjust printing bandwidth as part of the overall user session bandwidth limit. Answer: B QUESTION 18Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a XenDesktop site that consists of two Delivery Controllers. The Helpdesk team uses Citrix Director to perform support and monitoring tasks within the environment. A second XenDeskop site with two Delivery Controllers also exists in the environment.How could the administrator integrate the first and second sites so that the Helpdesk team can support both sites from one Director Console? A.    Run PowerShell for Citrix Director on the Delivery Controller.B.    Add a load balancing vServer on the NetScaler and add all four Delivery Controllers to it.C.    Add the new Delivery Controllers to the List of Delivery Controllers using Citrix StoreFront.D.    Add the FQDN of the new Delivery Controller servers in the second site on the servers hosting Citrix Director in the first site. Answer: D QUESTION 19What should a Citrix Administrator do to ensure that a vDisk is properly load balanced across multiple Provisioning Services servers in an environment where the Streaming Service is working properly? A.    Go to the vDisk properties to ensure that load balancing is set.B.    Rebalance the target devices across the Provisioning Services servers.C.    Create a separate store and assign servers from different sites to load balance the vDisk.D.    Check the association of the servers to a site to ensure all servers are configured to separate sites. Answer: A QUESTION 20Scenario: A Citrix Administrator recently created and deployed a new vDisk to all Desktop OS machines. The morning after making that change, users are unable to launch their Desktop OS machines. The administrator finds that the Desktop OS machines associated with the new vDisk are shut down and in maintenance mode.How could the administrator resolve this issue? A.    Disable Maintenance mode on the device collection.B.    Select 'Enable Active Directory machine account password management' on the vDisk.C.    Create Desktop OS machine Active Directory accounts manually and restart all the machines.D.    Disable the machine account password changes policy through the GPO in the organizational unit where the target devices are located. 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